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Help with Safe Systems of Work

Risk Assessments and Safe System of Work

If you employ more than five people your organisation has a legal obligation to carry out an assessment of risks in your workplace.


The risk assessment must be in writing and carried out by a ‘competent person’. If you're unsure of the requirements for your organisation, Quality Safety Consultants (QSC) can help.


At QSC we will work with you to examine your activities to identify hazards, and the likelihood of those hazards causing harm. Together we will then take steps to eliminate or minimise the risks and recommend review periods to ensure your risk assessments remain current.


If you are a contractor or contributor for a project or event your client or the event organiser may request a Safe System of Work as part of their Health and Safety Policy.


At QSC we can help you devise a Safe System of Work. We would start by defining how a particular process will be carried out, and detailing possible associated dangers/risks. We would then confirm the methods of control and demonstrate how the work will be managed safely.

Did you know

Ever wondered what is the difference between a Safe System of Work and a Risk Assessment? Here's the answer in brief.

A Safe System of Work explains how a task or process will be carried out safely.

A Risk Assessment examines anything that may harm people carrying out that task or process.

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