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QSC Safety Inductions

On-Site Safety Inductions

Your workplace – be it a site, factory or office – is not a static environment. Everyday its processes and people work slightly differently. What you need therefore, is not a standard induction policy, but trained personnel with a dynamic induction document that can be adapted to the needs of different situations.


At Quality Safety Consultants (QSC) we have developed ‘Toolbox Safety Talks’ a method for your staff to induct employees, contractors and temporary staff. The Toolbox Safety Talks are intended to be used on a regular basis to engage workers in the safety needs of your sites.


Our team of skilled consultants will train your staff to deliver a Toolbox Safety Talk in a live induction situation and will develop competencies so they embrace the induction tool as their own.

A Client's View

The project safety support, induction, signage and control carried out by QSC we thought would be a daunting task. I must say you carried out the duties with the utmost attention and maximum effort, a credit to you.”

Jon Dean, Managing Director, Morecheck limited

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