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Is Your Business Adequately Insured?

Leading Midlands’ insurance broker, Bell & Co, team up with QSC to aid businesses to assess their risk levels.
If you read the trade press and QSC's SafetyMatters on a regular basis, you’ll know the major implications of not taking health and safety seriously.

A lack of checks and measures can lead to personal injuries, fires and incidents that can not only destroy businesses and personal lives, but there are now a myriad of laws relating to health, safety, and environmental issues under which a director can be held culpable: leading to financial ruin for individual directors and reputational damage to your business.

What people often overlook are the insurance implications. Failure to insure correctly could lead to the collapse of your business whilst inadequate attention to health and safety issues may mean unnecessarily high insurance costs, which you probably can ill afford in the current climate.

To help businesses, at Bell & Co, Chartered Insurance Brokers, we have teamed up with QSC to provide a full insurance and risk management service. The service is designed to offer business directors the reassurance that their staff are working in a safe environment, the business is secure and that they have an insurance programme, at a competitive price, tailored to their needs.

Bell & Co look after more than 3,000 clients across the Midlands and surrounding area, and QSC provide safety services nationally to some of the UK’s leading blue chip organisations so businesses can be assured they are in safe hands.

If you would like a review of your current insurance and risk management arrangements, please contact Chris Doolan at Bell & Co on 01332 3752289 or doolanc@bellbrokers.co.uk

April 2013

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