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Good Practice: Crash Radios For Lifting Operations

On a recent Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan (CPHSP) we read about a site requirement for ‘Crash Radios’ during lifting operations. It seemed good practice to us, so we thought we’d share the recommendation.

The plan detailed how all cranes, and any other mobile plant, which has the potential of physically coming into contact with the structure of another crane, plant or suspended load, person or object, must be equipped with a two way radio, known as a ‘Crash Radio’.

The document went on to say:
‘Crash Radios must be tuned to the site designated frequency on Channel 1 and this process must form part of the Safe System of Work associated with these activities.

The ‘Crash Channel’ would only be used for emergency communication in the event of a suspected or imminent collision during lifting operations.

The operator of the crane or plant and any persons involved in the operational co-ordination of cranes, must monitor, and have access to communicate on, the ‘Crash Channel’ at all times when the equipment is in operation.

In the situation where a crane/plant operator or the crane co-ordinator, identifies the potential for / or imminent collision of, the crane/equipment and/or its load and any other object, person or structure, that person must communicate the verbal command/signal "CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! "on Channel 1 of the ‘Crash Radio’.

All parties required to monitor the Crash Channel as part of their Safe System of Work, will upon hearing the signal "CRASH! CRASH! CRASH!", stop all operation of the equipment with immediate effect and await further instruction from the Site Crane Co-Ordinator before any further operation of the equipment may commence.’
We would recommend that anyone carrying out lifting operations, who doesn't currently have a similiar procedure, adopt this approach and make arrangements to acquire/re-programme site radios.

June 2013

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