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CDM 2015 - What is a Construction Phase Plan?

27 February 2015

The new CDM regulations will be coming into place in just over a month, so understandably many businesses will be beginning to consider how these new rules will apply to their project, and any actions they may need to take. To help, we're going to be releasing some key information about the changes each week in the run up to the 6th April 2015, which is the planned date of the regulations to come into force.

In the regulations, it states that projects must have a 'Construction Phase Plan'; details of this can be found below:

This Appendix, taken from the draft regulations, sets out guidance on the requirements for the construction phase plan and the actions each dutyholder needs to take in relation to them.

What is a construction phase plan? 

1.  A construction phase plan is a document that must record the:

a) health and safety arrangements for the construction phase;
b) site rules; and
c) where relevant, specific measures concerning work that falls within one or more of the categories listed in Schedule 3.    

2.  The plan must record the arrangements for managing the significant health and safety risks associated with the construction phase of a project.  It is the basis for communicating these arrangements to all those involved in the construction phase so it should be easy to understand and be as simple as possible. 

3.  In considering what information is included, the emphasis is that it:

a) is relevant to the project;
b) has sufficient detail to clearly set out the arrangements, site rules and special measures needed to manage the construction phase; but
c) is still proportionate to the scale and complexity of the project and the risks involved.

The plan should not include documents that get in the way of a clear understanding of what is needed to manage the construction phase, such as generic risk assessments, records of how decisions were reached or detailed safety method statements. 

4.  The following list of topics should be considered when drawing up the plan:

a) a description of the project such as key dates and details of key members of the project team;
b) the management of the work includes:

  •          the health and safety aims for the project;
  •       the site rules;
  •         arrangements to ensure cooperation between project team members and coordination of work e.g. regular site meetings;
  •         arrangements for involving workers;
  •          site induction;
  •          welfare facilities; and
  •          fire and emergency procedures;

c) the control of any of the specific site risks listed in Schedule 3 where they are relevant to the work involved.

If you need help understanding the new CDM regulations, or if you are unsure if your project will need to comply, then feel free to give the QSC team a call on 01332 294800.

Alternatively, Click Here to download our simplified CDM 2015 guide.

Please note: The draft Regulations and guidance may be subject to change while the Regulations are awaiting Parliamentary approval.  The final versions of both will be available on 6 April 2015.

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