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What's happening to the CDM co-ordinator

The CDM changes this April mean there is no longer a role for the CDM Co-ordinator. This may create confusion should you already have a project underway with an appointed CDM Co-ordinator.The regulations have taken this into account and will allow CDM Co-ordinators  to keep their responsibilities as long as the project finishes on or before the 6th October 2015. If the project will be continuing after this time, then a principal designer will need to be appointed in writing.

Below are guidelines from the newCDM regulations, giving more detai of the changes, and what the duties of the CDM co-ordinator will be after the 6th April.

Projects with an existing CDM co-ordinator

4.—(1) This paragraph and paragraphs 5 and 6 below apply where, immediately before 6th April 2015, there is a CDM co-ordinator appointed for a relevant project.

(2) Where this paragraph applies, the appointment of the CDM co-ordinator continues to have effect for the purposes of these Regulations until a principal designer is appointed or the project comes to an end.

(3) The client must appoint in writing a principal designer for the project before the 6th October 2015 unless the project comes to an end on or before that date.

(4) Where the appointment of a CDM co-ordinator continues to have effect under sub-paragraph (2)—
(a) the CDM co-ordinator must comply with the duties in paragraph 5;
(b) the duties in regulations 9(3)(b) and 12(7) to provide information to the principal designer are treated as duties to provide information to the CDM coordinator; and  
(c) the duty in regulation 13(5) to liaise with the principal designer is treated as a duty to liaise with the CDM co-ordinator.

Duties of CDM co-ordinator during transitional period

5.—(1) The CDM co-ordinator must—

(a) cooperate with any other person working on or in relation to a project at the same or an adjoining construction site, to the extent necessary to enable any person with a duty or function under these Regulations to fulfil that duty or function;

(b) where the CDM co-ordinator works under the control of another, report to that person anything they are aware of in relation to the project which is likely to endanger their own health or safety or that of others;

(c) ensure that suitable arrangements are made and implemented for the coordination of health and safety measures during the planning and preparation for the construction phase, including facilitating—

(i) cooperation and coordination between all persons working on the pre- construction phase of the project; and
(ii) the application of the general principles of prevention;

(d) liaise with the principal contractor over—
(i) the content of the health and safety file;
(ii) the information which the principal contractor needs to prepare the construction phase plan; and
(iii) any design development which may affect planning and management of the construction work;

(e)  where no or partial pre-construction information has been supplied to the CDM co-ordinator by the client under regulation 10 of the 2007 Regulations, assist the client to comply with regulation 4(4) of these Regulations;

(f) unless the information has already been provided under regulation 20(2)(b) of the 2007 Regulations, provide any pre-construction information that is in the possession or control of the CDM co-ordinator, promptly and in a convenient form, to every designer and contractor appointed, or being considered for appointment, to the project;

(g) take all reasonable steps to ensure that designers comply with their duties under regulation 9 of these Regulations;

(h) take all reasonable steps to ensure cooperation between designers and the principal contractor during the construction phase in relation to any design or change to a design;

(i) if a health and safety file has not been prepared under regulation 20(2)(e) of the 2007 Regulations, prepare a health and safety file that complies with the requirements of regulation 12(5) of these Regulations;

(j) review, update and revise the health and safety file from time to time to take account of the work and any changes that have occurred;

(k) if the CDM co-ordinator’s appointment continues to have effect immediately before the project ends, pass the health and safety file to the client at the end of the project;

(l) if a principal designer is appointed, pass the health and safety file and all other relevant health and safety information in the CDM co-ordinator’s possession to the principal designer, as soon as is practicable after the appointment.

(2) The CDM co-ordinator must not arrange for or instruct a worker to carry out or manage design or construction work unless the worker is competent or under the supervision of a competent person.

At QSC, we provide CDM consultants and safety services to assist Principal Designers throughout projects, from the initial pre-construction phase right through to the risk assessments and communicating health and safety requirements to other dutyholders. To ensure your next project is CDM compliant and delivered safely , give us a call on 01332 294800!

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