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29 June 2016


Around 20 tradesmen a week die from diseases linked to past asbestos exposure.  QSC's Adam Willis talks about the importance of keeping awareness levels high, of the dangers of asbestos.

“Asbestos related serious diseases are responsible for around 5000 deaths a year according to the HSE. It saddens me that asbestos continues to have such a devastating impact on so many lives.”

Adam continues: “Asbestos was used in many building applications on industrial and domestic projects before 2000. Some people now believe the risks lower, given the time that has past. Chances are though, many tradespeople are still at risk of exposure, if materials containing asbestos are disturbed and the fibres released inhaled. The result can be fatal diseases that may not be evident for many years to come.

Understanding the dangers of asbestos is vital and implementing safe ways of working a must, if we are to reduce, and hopefully one day eradicate, unnecessary deaths.

If I could make one request today in honour of all those who have lost their lives from asbestos related diseases, it would be this: take five minutes out of your day and do your homework on asbestos at the HSE asbestos website.

Even if you don’t come in to contact with asbestos today, one day this knowledge could help you or to save the lives of others 



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